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Life can be challenging, that is why self care is so important in this day and age. Let us help and guide you to better understand self care and how you can use it to make life easier for you.


I love being a mother. I believe it is my highest calling. I am here to offer you support, to help you establish a routine and to find harmony for you and your family.


My thoughts and feelings about life and all it entails. It is my journey of personal growth and development.

Helping you grow – body, mind and soul

*Flourish* by Sonika

I am a millennial woman. I love being a wife and a mother, but I also love my business. Every day is a challenge of finding harmony between all the loves of my lifes.

The struggle is real. 

I have been on an incredible life journey and I want to share my learnings with you.

Join me on this journey of unbecoming everything else, so that the real you can shine bright like a diamond.

Personal growth and development are the fundementals of my life.

It is easy losing yourself in the busy times we live it. I know the challenges of being a mother and an entrepreneur. My growth and development was exponential when I established my values. Every decision I make is based on these values and I believe this is where my true strenght lies as well.


I don’t take it for granted, being a mother. I blessed with a beautiful family. Growth and development is equally important for me and my husband. We are not just raising our children. We are raising human beings, the next generation. 

Quality family time is important. This is the time when we instill values in their lives, so that our children can continue to grow and develop so that the can be the difference makers.


I was not created to live a mediocre live. Evrything I do, I do it with excellence. When you work with me, I will challenge and guide you to become your truest, most authentic self. So that every choice you make resonates with your highest callling and destiny.

Excellence is the pursuit of greatness.


Oh, the all elusive search for harmony and balance.

Where does one find this? And if you have this, what happens next.

This value is is one of my greatest challenges. Something I strive and search for everyday.

Please join me in this search?


I love being a woman. I love to dress up and do my make-up.

I do believe in feminism, but not at the cost for something else.

I am raising a boy and a girl. I have a responisibilty to teach my girl to believe and trust her own voice and I need to raise my boy to listen and echo that voice. So that every person can be heard.

We are all valuable and we all have something to offer.

Helping you grow, body, mind and soul.

Bloom where you are planted.

I am a reverend, with a special interest in well being. Food is medicine and movement is life.

When you decide to work with me, I will guide you to challenge your mindset about health and well being.

We will focus on the following areas:


Nothing moves until you move.


You will be challenged to think about your hope, your future. 


You will be challenged to think about your limiting beliefs regarding health and well being.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Our Team

We are a family and therefore a theme.

Sonika Krüger

Owner and Founder

Peet Krüger

My husband and CFO

Annebelle Krüger

My daughter and  Head of Inspiration

Le Roux Krüger

My son and Head of Research and Development

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We are all on this journey of life. This website is dedicated to millennials who want to make a difference in the people around them. Please watch this space for upcoming events, as well as new material.

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